Police post picture of crash to urge drivers to take care

Police have tweeted a picture of an overturned car in a bid to urge drivers to take care, especially when it is icy.

GMP Traffic posted a picture of the Peugeot 107 which flipped over in icy weather on Red Rock Lane on Monday morning. The woman driver escaped with minor injuries to her hand and the road was closed for over an hour.

A message alongside the tweet reads: “Warning signs to be careful ice. Driver didn’t take heed or drive to the conditions.”

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But some people in the area have said that Red Rock Lane is particularly dangerous as the grit it washed away, allowing the road to freeze.

The driver’s boyfriend took to Facebook to she was driving at no more than 20mph but hit ice because the road hadn’t been gritted and she was forced to swerve to avoid oncoming traffic.

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