Chris Green MP: ​Always wise to dig a little deeper

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Things are not always as they seem.

You think a group of people have one set of values – perhaps values that you admire – but, when you dig a little deeper, you realise that their values are not what you thought.

The vote on becoming a sovereign country again was far deeper than just our relationship with the former Common Market.

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We thought that the European Union was about breaking down barriers but found out that they were about erecting them against the Commonwealth and the rest of the world as well as having an anti-democratic centralised bureaucracy.

Bolton West MP Chris Green Bolton West MP Chris Green
Bolton West MP Chris Green

The Yellow Wall, in the South West, crumbled after the Liberal Democrats went into coalition government.

The Labour Red Wall crumbled after local people voted to regain independence and their Party Leadership, headed by Sir Keir Starmer, followed the London demand to remain under Brussels control.

As the Conservative Party increasingly reflect the needs of Northern voters, will we see the Blue Wall crumble in the South East at the next election?

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Many aspects of our lives, from getting to hospital in an ambulance, going to work or even enjoying a sporting event are being disrupted by self serving unelectable political activists.

It is extraordinary that they believe they can block roads, access to hospital and cover themselves in paint whilst perching on a snooker table.

Listening to them speak, it is extraordinary to hear their moral superiority.

They are sacrificing themselves to save the world, they claim.

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Almost all of them come from a rich, privately educated background and believe that they are superior to the rest of us.

No matter the nature of the activist entertainment they provide themselves with now, they know that their privilege will keep them consuming more and committing the sins they accuse us of perpetrating.

They put me in mind of Christian missionaries out to save our souls. Unfortunately for them, they seem like the sorts of people who, as G.K. Chesterton said “when men stop believing in God they don’t believe in nothing; they believe in anything”.

As Rishi Sunak, as Prime Minister, focuses upon Britain’s recovery through these difficult economic times, politics has quietened down.

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Well, there has been a bump in the road triggered by the Justice Secretary stepping down. There are always mistakes in politics and I often believe that we should normally forgive but not necessarily forget.

Speaking of the unforgettable, who would have thought that Diane Abbott MP would have thrust ginger people in the centre of British political life.

She wrote a letter to the Observer to say that ginger, Irish and Jewish people can, as white people, suffer from prejudice but that there were no “white-seeming people manacled on the slave ships”.

If Labour had won the 2019 General Election, Diane Abbott would have become Home Secretary; she forgets the history of the Barbary Pirates enslaving Europeans; and that the Jews taken to the death camps in the Holocaust where white.

Always dig a little deeper.