Chris Green MP: ​Legislation that can be abused

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A man rapes a woman. He then rapes another woman. He is then arrested, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to prison.

A rare success we may think when so few of these crimes result in any form of punishment.

Do we still think this is a success when this convicted rapist then claims to be a woman and the justice system then puts him in a woman’s prison?

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Half of Scottish trans prisoners change gender only after conviction.

Bolton West MP Chris Green Bolton West MP Chris Green
Bolton West MP Chris Green

The furore over the SNP and Nicola Sturgeon MSP pushing their Gender Recognition Bill through the Scottish Parliament coincided with more evidence emerging on what is really happening under the façade of compassion and inclusivity.

A very small number of people in the UK have gender dysmorphia where someone feels that they were born in the wrong body.

They do need support and understanding but we also need to understand the wider implications of any policy decisions.

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We need to distinguish between us personally being kind and generous to our neighbours, friends and wider society, and the impact of legislation and how it can be used and abused.

To be clear, the socialist SNP was seeking to exploit transsexuals to further their nationalist aims.

They always intended this to be, in their eyes, a cause where compassionate Scots are thwarted by the cruel English.

Matters of this nature are reserved for Westminster to decide rather than Holyrood and they knew that was the case from day one.

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It takes a certain type of politician to proclaim their sympathy and support for a vulnerable group of people only to then use them as a political weapon.

For a long while, the trans issue was on the periphery of debate in society but it was toxified by political activists almost from the beginning.

For most people considering the subject, it was and is about protecting and supporting a vulnerable group in society.

What was also happening was activists were using the issue for their own political ends.

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In sport, people with all the meaningful characteristics of men compete against women as though they have no physiological advantages.

A woman was raped by a man in an NHS hospital ward and was told by the management that it did not happen as there were no men on the ward, but there was a trans woman who was still physically male.

Imagine going through that experience and being told that you lied about it.

Fortunately, other members of staff and CCTV footage corrected the ideological denial of reality.

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Self-identification and an almost blasé affirmation of a desire to transition from one sex to the other can have devastating consequences.

The case of Keira Bell who, as a child, decided to transition, took powerful drugs and then had a double mastectomy should be a cautionary tale because she regrets that decision and wishes that she had been effectively challenged on it.

Change is needed so we support those in need but do not allow others to abuse the system.