Chris Green MP: Prime Minister ​Rishi Sunak is avoiding the cheap gimmicks

​The dust stirred up during the local elections has now well and truly settled but you know that politicians are a restless group.
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Members of Parliament are now focusing upon the next General Election and we have a very political 18 months ahead.

To the dismay of many in the Labour Party, international bodies are uprating the performance of the British economy and its ability to create jobs so that we can provide for our families.

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It is tough, we have avoided recession and Rishi Sunak, as Prime Minister, is gaining respect for his leadership.

Bolton West MP Chris Green Bolton West MP Chris Green
Bolton West MP Chris Green

He knows that we have to set our course, steady the ship and sail through strong head winds and it is increasingly being recognised both here and around the world.

One thing to avoid is cheap gimmicks that can sound fabulous and excite political activists and newspaper headline writers but can have the barest substance or could even be damaging to our job creating economy.

It is not as easy as it looks as the leader of the Labour Party is finding out.

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The socialist and Blairite factions within Labour are at loggerheads in constituencies up and down the country as they select candidates.

At the same time, in seeking to ditch his Corbynite leadership agenda, Sir Keir Starmer is still following anti-business policies.

If we were to ask most people whether we should shut down the North Sea oil and gas production they would say no. We would lose a massive number of jobs on the rigs, onshore, in the chemicals industry and far beyond.

Shutting down the future of our North Sea energy production is Sir Keir Starmer’s latest policy wheeze.

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He even went to Scotland to launch it. I doubt that he would have invited any of the 200,000 North Sea workers or their families to the event because Labour has long since ditched its support for manufacturing or industry.

Sir Keir and the Labour Party want to make Britain “carbon neutral” by 2030.

If he won the next General Election he would have little over five years to permanently shut down all our coal, gas and oil power stations.

Has anyone told him that it would be impossible without frequent blackouts and that it would bankrupt the country?

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Recent weather has been lovely and warm and perfect to relax outdoors.

Wind turbines seem to have got the same message which is why they have been going slow whilst solar arrays have stopped working as they overheat. It does not sound like Labour are championing climate change ready energy options.

Labour will deindustrialise Britain whilst Germany, China and India will take all the jobs and prosperity.

Rishi has a tough job and he is delivering on it but Sir Keir will make a tough job impossible.

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I hardly hear from the Green Party these days. Their one MP is leaving Parliament so it seems that they have given up campaigning and politics.

It must be because they support Rishi’s pro-nuclear power policy.