Hundreds turn out to Tommy Robinson campaign visit in Wigan

Hundreds of people turned out to watch Tommy Robinson speak in Wigan this evening.
Tommy Robinson in Norley HallTommy Robinson in Norley Hall
Tommy Robinson in Norley Hall

Mr Robinson visited Norley Hall this evening (Monday) as part of his campaign trail as he bids to become an independent Member of the European Parliament

People of all ages turned out to watch his speech on the green on Norley Hall Avenue.

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A large screen was erected on the field and a short campaign video was played before he arrived.

There was a drone capturing aerial footage over the event.

During his speech, Mr Robinson addressed his supporters, saying: "They told you I'm extremist. They told you I'm fascist. When they target me they're labelling you.

"It's not about me as an individual, it's about every one of you being oppressed."

Earlier today Mr Robinson appeared on Standishgate in Wigan town centre where he spoke with a crowd of people before leaving to head to tonight's event.

Drone images courtesy of Brian KingDrone images courtesy of Brian King
Drone images courtesy of Brian King

He said he had received a "great reception" in the borough.

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Following his appearance this evening, Wigan MP Lisa Nandy tweeted, saying: "Take your hate out of our town."

She also shared the following message: "We don't need a convicted criminal from Luton running around our northern council estates whipping up trouble.

"Our town is full of decent people who have no time for nasty, hateful politics.

"Over the years we've stood up to racism over and over again because it offers no answers to the problems we face and never will.

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"We've seen the far-right off before here and we'll do it again."

Yvonne Fovargue also commented on Tuesday morning, saying: "How dare he appropriate the flag of St George.

"Wiganers are patriots but do not agree with his version which involves hatred and division."