Labour come rare second in Wigan after landslide Brexit Party win

Labour found itself coming a rare second in the red rosette heartland after Wigan “leave” supporters sent a resounding message at the ballot boxes.
Brexit Party's Claire Fox arriving in Manchester for the countBrexit Party's Claire Fox arriving in Manchester for the count
Brexit Party's Claire Fox arriving in Manchester for the count

More than 66,000 residents turned out to cast their vote on Thursday, May 23, leading to a 27.9 per cent turnout - the lowest in Greater Manchester.

Following the results on Sunday night, Wigan Council revealed how many votes each individual party had received.

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Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party came out top with 26,921, more than double its closest rival, Labour, who received 13,057 losing almost 20 per cent (19.7) since the last European election in 2014.

Liberal Democrats and The Green Party came third and fourth, gaining 7193 and 6190 votes respectively.

UKIP and the Conservatives received a close number of votes, coming fifth and sixth with 3535 and 3387 votes. UKIP suffered a loss of 26.5 per cent since the 2014 election.

Next in line, coming seventh out of 11, was independent candidate Tommy Robinson.

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Despite visiting the borough earlier in the month on his campaign trail, Mr Robinson gained only 2501, representing 3.8 per cent of Wigan voters.

He blamed his ban from social media for his defeat, saying he faced a “near impossible” task getting through to supporters without online platforms.

Pro-European party, Change UK, also received a small minority of the vote with only 2026 supporters in the Wigan borough.

Three candidates earned less than 1,000 votes in Wigan: The English Democrats with 490, the UK European Union Party (UKEUP) with 300 and independent candidate Mohammed Aslam, with 68 votes. Wigan results largely reflected the North West view as a whole, as The Brexit Party gained three of the eight seats.