Match of the Day host Gary Lineker rules out a career in politics

Gary Lineker has ruled out a career in politics, describing it as "such a boring job".
Gary LinekerGary Lineker
Gary Lineker

The Match Of The Day host, 58, is outspoken on Twitter, regularly tweeting about Brexit.

He has attracted criticism for his views, with cricket host Jonathan Agnew telling him to "keep your political views... to yourself".

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He told the Mirror: "There is more chance of Big Ben toppling over in the next 10 minutes than me entering politics. I couldn't be a politician.

"It's just such a boring job, walking around shaking hands and pretending.

"I'm interested in politics, and express my views about things I feel quite strongly about, but there are a lot of aspects of politics that I have no interest in whatsoever."

Lineker, who played for clubs including Everton, Barcelona and Spurs, described himself as "the archetypal floating voter".

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He added: "People think I'm a massive lefty snowflake, but I have always been kind of middle ground."

Lineker is the BBC's highest earner on £1.75 million, according to figures published in July.

However, he has now volunteered to take a pay cut after years of controversy over his salary.