Tommy Robinson's message to Wigan

Tommy Robinson has arrived in the borough and he has a message for Wiganers.
Tommy Robinson in Wigan town centreTommy Robinson in Wigan town centre
Tommy Robinson in Wigan town centre

Mr Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, arrived in Wigan town centre this afternoon.

He is visiting the borough on his campaign trail as he bids to become an independent Member of the European Parliament.

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A crowd of people gathered around him on Standishgate as he talked about his policies.

When asked if he had a message for Wiganers, Mr Robinson said: "The Labour party rely on the fact that your parents voted Labour and your grandparents voted Labour.

"What have they done for you? They have betrayed you, betrayed you, betrayed you.

"Three MEPs who are standing for the Labour party in the North West are all calling for a second referendum. An absolute betrayal of Brexit.

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"If you want to shock the system, if you want to send them a message they'll never forget - trust me I'm your man. That's it.

"I have received a great reception today, no milkshakes yet."

He will be in Norley Hall tonight from 7pm.

"I have chosen Norley Hall because their estates have been forgotten, not just forgotten but neglected.

"And I think that the Labour party and the establishment and the media in general, even this media, need a shake up."

In peaceful opposition to Mr Robinson, members of Wigan Trades Council and Unite Against Fascism are in the town centre leafleting and speaking to members of the public.