Wigan man threatened by far right after filming Tommy Robinson milkshake video

The Wigan man who filmed Tommy Robinson being drenched by a milkshake has been placed under police protection following threats from far-right extremists.
Tommy Robinson after being drenched in milkshakeTommy Robinson after being drenched in milkshake
Tommy Robinson after being drenched in milkshake

Anti-racism campaigner David (whose surname has been withheld for his safety), recorded the controversial candidate being doused by the drink in Warrington earlier this month, while on his campaign trail to become an MEP.

Related: Hundreds turn out to Tommy Robinson campaign visit in WiganDavid had travelled to the town from Wigan to document the planned peaceful protest against Robinson’s appearance, and managed to capture the controversial milkshake incident on camera.

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But he later found himself the subject of threats from right wing groups on social media, who threatened to “bring harm” to him and his family.

“I had posted the video on my Facebook and it went viral,” David told the Wigan Post. “A lot of media outlets got in touch with me about it, and a lot of people had seen it. So my name was put out there in the mainstream media, for the video credit. That’s when they began making threats against me.

“They were saying they were going to circulate mine and my parents’ addresses, saying harm was going to come to me and my family,” the 31-year-old said.

“There were comments saying they had my address. They had screenshots of my Facebook account and were calling me a ‘communist scumbag’.”

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The threats were immediately reported to the police, who took them so seriously that urgent response markers were placed on David’s house, and his father’s house in Cumbria.

“They were pretty much calling me every day to make sure I was okay.”

Officers also advised David to keep his doors locked at all times and fix a basket to his letterbox to prevent flammable materials being posted.

“It’s awful. I can’t be at peace in my own home. I’m just on edge every time someone knocks on the door.

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“At one point, I even thought about stopping my involvement with the anti-racism campaigns because I didn’t want this intimidation. But I’m not going to let them shut down my voice.”

The man who threw the milkshake, Danyaal Mahmud, revealed he had also received death threats since.

The incident has sparked a trend of milkshakes being thrown at various right-wing political figures, including UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin and his party’s former leader Nigel Farage.

Hundreds of Wiganers turned out to see Tommy Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, when he came to the town last week.

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Mr Robinson visited Norley as part of his campaign trail as he bids to become an independent Member of the European Parliament.

People of all ages turned out to watch his speech on the green on Norley Hall Avenue.

A large screen was erected on the field and a short campaign video was played before he arrived.

There was a drone capturing aerial footage over the event.