'˜Pupil prank' leaves boy's leg shattered

A teenager's mum was left outraged after her son was sent to hospital from school in a taxi when he suffered a fractured leg allegedly at the hands of another student.

Friday, 17th March 2017, 10:40 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:20 am
Kyle Spencer

Kyle Spencer, 14, a Year Nine pupil at Abraham Guest Academy, was taken to hospital by his parents in a private-hire taxi after he suffered a dislocated knee and two fractures.

Worsley Hall resident Mandy Liptrot, told the Post that she was left feeling “very angry” after receiving a call from the school to say that her son had been injured and that she would have to pick him up.

On arriving at the school Mandy was told by her son that the injuries were inflicted by another Year Nine student.

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Abraham Guest Academy

“I don’t understand why they didn’t call an ambulance,” said Mandy. “We had to struggle getting him into a taxi, we could have been making it worse. At A&E they gave him painkillers and gas and air. When we went to see the consultant they looked at his X-rays and there’s a fracture at the front of his leg and a fracture at the back.

“Now we are waiting to hear about an MRI scan which will show a lot more detail. If there is more damage he will need an operation.” The incident took place on Thursday last week, and Kyle has been off school since while he awaits more news on his injuries.

Mandy added: “He still can’t bear any weight on his leg. Kyle said he was in the dining room with his back to the lad, who ran up behind him and kicked him in the back of the leg.

“The school has said that they will put sanctions in place but it’s not good enough. If this has been done on purpose then they should have called the police - it is assault.

Abraham Guest Academy

“If any child is doing things like that then there should be serious consequences in place. Saying sorry isn’t good enough.

“Kyle is frightened of going back to school in case it happens again. On top of everything else he is now missing out on his schooling.”

For the time being Kyle’s leg has been put in a splint and he is on crutches until his knee improves.

The school has insisted that Kyle’s parents were rang first and that it was agreed to call a taxi for him as his injuries were non-life threatening.

A spokesperon for Abraham Guest said: “The school is happy that it followed the correct procedures in ringing for a taxi, with mum’s consent, given that the condition was non-life threatening.”

According to the family, the incident marks the second time that Kyle has injured his leg at school. Mandy said the first time, which left him with ligament damage, she “accepted it was an accident”.

Mandy expressed concerns that this is part of a “craze” and has insisted that Kyle has not been bullied.

She also told the Post that she has contacted a solicitor to discuss options moving forward.