Residents '˜ignored' over safety fears

A pensioner killed after being hit by a car had raised concerns about traffic in the area just weeks before his death.

Thursday, 1st December 2016, 7:00 am
Updated Tuesday, 6th December 2016, 12:43 pm
The scene of an incident where a pensioner died after a collision on High Street, Golborne, near The Sir Charles Napier pub

Neighbours of the man, who lived on Charles Street, have revealed that they and the victim have complained to Wigan Council and local councillors on numerous occasions about road safety in the area.

One Charles Street resident told the Evening Post that the victim had said to him just two weeks ago during a conversation about their concerns that it would take a death before anything was done.

They have asked for measure to be put in place to stop drivers speeding in the area and parking on double yellow lines while nipping into shops on Golborne High Street.

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There is no suggestion that these issues played a part in the accident which happened outside the Charles Napier pub on High Street. But the incident has renewed calls for safety measure to be put in place to stop drivers speeding and obstructing the road.

One resident, who asked not to be named, said: “It is not just me, lots of residents, including the victim, have complained on numerous occasions about the problems in the area. All I have been told is it is too expensive to police the area. We are just being ignored.

“Only a few weeks ago my partner had a fateful conversation with my neighbour about the speeding cars and he stated himself ‘it will take someone being killed for them to listen’ which now sends a shiver down my spine and really makes me angry that no action has been taken.

“They have put up some 20mph signs on Charles Street and bollards on the High Street but it hasn’t changed anything.

“I am really saddened and really angry that the people that are supposed to look after the residence are failing and what makes it worse is we have all been trying to reach out to them, and been ignored.”

Local MP Andy Burnham said: “Concerns were raised earlier in the year about the problems in the centre of Golborne and a site meeting was arranged with the council.

“We don’t know the details of the accident yet and I think we have to wait until find out the full facts but it is clear after speaking to the residents that there is a significant traffic safety issue in and around the town centre.”

Councillor Yvonne Klieve said she has requested another site visit be carried out in the town centre.

She said: “At this time of this terrible tragedy my thoughts and prayers are with his family, it was a terrible accident and more will be known of the cause once the police have completed their investigation.

“I have been working with our highways dept on trying to resolve issues around speeding motorists at this location and the nearby streets.”

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