Residents to foot the bill for lost bins

Bin collecting in Platt Bridge
Bin collecting in Platt Bridge
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Wigan residents will have to fork out to replace lost waste bins as part of cost-saving measures by the council.

Town hall bosses say £60,000 was spent last year to replace more than 4,000 black bins and will therefore pass the responsibility onto residents.

Households will instead have to foot the £35 bill for a replacement and will be urged to bring their bins in as soon as possible after collection to avoid mishaps.

Karl Battersby, Wigan Council’s director for Environment and Economy, told the Wigan Post: “The cost of the replacement of lost black bins is a significant one annually for the council and therefore impacts on local council taxpayers.

“We are proposing to introduce charges for their replacement. As a council we have to save £43m in the next three years and difficult decisions have to be made.

“We are also the only authority in GM which does not currently charge to replace bins.”

The borough’s budget proposals - which include the move to a three-weekly collection rota - are expected to get the green light from the full council this Wednesday.

Moving to the new rota will save the council £2m.

The town hall has indicated that residents will be shown leniency if they can prove bins were stolen even though preventative steps had been taken.

Mr Battersby added: “Any charge which is introduced will be affordable and fair. In order to reduce the chances of bins being taken or damaged we would encourage residents to bring their bins back in as soon as possible after collection.”