School dances are an online hit

Pupils and staff at a Wigan school have become internet stars after taking part in a fund-raising dance-off.

Thousands of people have watched videos posted online showing members of Orrell Lamberhead Green Primary School dance along to well-known songs.

The children were sponsored to learn the dances, while the 76 members of staff also had fun making videos.

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And the videos proved to be a hit when they were posted on the school’s Facebook


Headteacher Jane Chambers said: “We are delighted with them. It’s done exactly what we wanted to do.

“We have had a tough year, we have lost some really important members of our school family.

“Year six have just finished their tests and that’s very intense, hard work.

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“It’s time to just remember what we are about - we are about high standards and lots of fun.”

The idea for a dance-off came when year three pupils visited Blackpool Tower’s ballroom and many did not know the moves to the Hokey

Cokey when it was played by the organist.

Mrs Chambers said: “How can you get to seven years old and not know the Hokey Cokey? But I realised children’s parties are very different now.”

So she decided each class would learn a dance and receive sponsorship to boost school funds.

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The dances were filmed and posted on Facebook so their parents could watch them and people have been encouraged to vote for their favourite, with a prize up for grabs for the winners.

Members of staff started the dance-off to raise the profile of the competition.

The women recorded their own version of the Friends’ theme tune - complete with a sofa in front of the fountain at Mesnes Park - while the men did a medley featuring several songs.

The children’s videos saw them dance to songs including YMCA, Superman, Agadoo, The Birdie Song and, of course, the Hokey Cokey.

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The videos have been watched and “liked” thousands of times on Facebook, with many people saying how much they liked them.

Past pupils have commented to say they wish they were still at the school, while teachers at other schools have suggested doing something similar.

Mrs Chambers said: “I’m surprised with the many thousands of views we have


The first vote was between the male and female staff, with the men’s video proving to be victorious.

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Videos of the children’s dances are still being posted and are collecting votes.

To watch the videos and vote for your favourite, go to