Slimming mum and daughter's weight loss win

Jill and Rauridh EarleyJill and Rauridh Earley
Jill and Rauridh Earley
Jill Earley looks confident and relaxed in this photograph with her daughter Rauridh.

But for years the mum-of-two was too self-conscious to pose for the camera - even when her first grandchild was born.

Jill said: “I was really upset. I’m close to the baby and she was living here at the time.

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“Every time my daughter wanted to take a picture of the baby with me, I said no.

“There was one of her sleeping on my shoulder and it could be anybody. That’s the only picture of us together.

“I would be so jealous of people having their picture taken with her.”

She was unhappy with her weight and only one photograph of Jill had been taken - without her knowledge - in the past 20 years.

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But after baby Aubree was born in February 2015, she decided it was time to do something.

Jill, 54, joined Slimming World that October, started following the eating plan and doing exercise. She has now shed a massive eight stone, with just a couple more left to lose.

Jill, who lives in Platt Bridge, said: “I have so much more energy, my health problems have gone and I don’t get out of breath.

“I used to have a bad knee and that’s gone, and I had a bad back from a car accident and I only get twinges from that every now and again.”

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She says her feet have shrunk and she is even a bit taller after her weight loss.

Jill has shed the pounds with the support of

daughter Rauridh, 24, who had gained four stone while pregnant.

She signed up for a different Slimming World group and Wigan Council’s Lose Weight, Feel Great initiative.

Rauridh recently reached her target of losing nearly five stone.

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She said: “It’s healthy competition but mum always loses more than I do.

“It’s definitely spurred us on and it’s something we can do together.

“My brother and dad have football and we have Slimming World.”

The weight loss has also made a real difference for Rauridh, who lives in Hindley Green.

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She is even considering a new career as a fitness instructor so she can help other people.

She said: “I’m much happier. Me and my daughter go to play group and it’s much nicer and easier to move around and roll around on the floor and play whatever we can imagine. It’s a lot better.”

The efforts of both mother and daughter have been recognised by Slimming World. They were both named “greatest loser” by their groups, along with other honours.

After their transformation, Rauridh and her brother decided to surprise Jill last Wednesday with a photoshoot as a Mother’s Day present.

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They had photographs taken together for the first time in years, including with sashes from Slimming World.

They had planned to have pictures taken with Aubree, but she was too upset.

The family will return at a later date so that Jill can pose for her first photographs with her two-year-old granddaughter.

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