Spring forward to your local recycling centre in Wigan

The start of British Summer Time at the end of March means summer hours have kicked off at Wigan’s recycling centres.

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Thursday, 28th March 2019, 9:01 am
concentrate on re-use and recycling

The new opening hours mean that residents can use the excellent recycling facilities from 8am until 7.45pm, seven days per week.

Why not take advantage of the extra hours to do that tidy-up job you’ve been putting off and maybe give some of your bric-a-brac a new home?

When is a tip not a tip?

Formerly called Household Waste Recycling Centres, “we want to speak less about waste and concentrate on re-use and recycling,” says Barry Elder, FCC Environment's contract manager for Wigan.

There are so many options available at the town’s three recycling centres that bringing items that you no longer have a use for needn’t be classed as a waste.

“We know that most who use the recycling centres do so in order to pass on items that they are unable to have collected at the kerbside with your normal household produces,” continues Barry. “These are often bulky items, or simply a shed or wardrobe clear-out. We will happily take what you have.”

Spotlight on Chanters Recycling Centre

Chanters Recycling Centre receives fewer visitors than any of the other recycling centres. With the exception of chemicals and, by appointment, asbestos (which can only be delivered to the Kirkless Recycling Centre), the facility at Chanters is able to handle many more visitors that it currently receives.

Nestled conveniently on the Chanters Industrial Estate in Atherton, the site was remodelled in 2015, which saw a new entrance road and canopy roof installed on the upper level of the split-level layout, allowing for the easy access and prompt turnaround of cars using the centre.

Save time, sort at home

“At peak times, we do unfortunately experience queuing at all sites – weekends and bank holidays especially,” says Barry. By sorting your items at home in preparation for your visit to a recycling centre, you will be able to pass through the facility quicker and help to reduce the queuing time.

He adds: “We deliberately limit the size of trailers being brought to all of the recycling centres to help achieve a speedy turnaround for our visitors – unloading trailers is often very time-consuming and uses up valuable space we have created to get plenty of vehicles onto the facility at any one time.”

Recycling and waste management company FCC Environment is responsible for running the recycling centres at Kirkless, Slag Lane and Chanters on behalf of Wigan Council. For more information, visit www.fccenvironment.co.uk