Teen’s police mugshot mocked online

Caylan CossickCaylan Cossick
Caylan Cossick
A ROUTINE post by GMP Wigan East has gone viral after Facebook users began to poke fun at the unfortunate size of the wanted man’s ears.

Police officers posted a picture of 18-year-old Caylan Clossick, who is wanted in connection with a theft offence in the area on November 3, on Facebook yesterday, Tuesday, in the hope of gathering information about his whereabouts.

But Clossick’s picture, and his rather large ears, grabbed more than the attention of the public the officers were appealing for information from.

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It has since travelled around the world and prompted many a meme and more than a few mocked-up pictures showing Clossick peering in through a plane window, as the International Space Station and as Dumbo.

One of the many mocked-up picturesOne of the many mocked-up pictures
One of the many mocked-up pictures

Others speculated whether he was able to evade police by picking up their radio signals.

In total, the post prompted more than 11,000 likes, 18,000 shares and nearly 30,000 comments.

It was also the subject of a Lad Bible post as a result of the reaction to the post.

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One person who shared the post commented that he hoped Clossick was never caught as the comments were punishment enough.

One of the comments posted on FacebookOne of the comments posted on Facebook
One of the comments posted on Facebook

Other comments included:

Tez Taylor wrote: “They can’t get near him. He hears them coming a mile away.”

David Fields said: “How u gonna catch someone that can fly?”

Jack Winrow said: “Can you not pick him up on your radio with them badboys?”

Cossick as the International Space StationCossick as the International Space Station
Cossick as the International Space Station

Ben Hughes wrte; “Ears are bigger than my future.”

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Rhys Hawkes added: “Can’t teach people like this anything, it’s in one ear out the other all the time.”

Corey Harrison wrote: “Why would you want to arrest someone who is providing signal for radio one?”

GMP Wigan East responded to the comments reminding “the comedians” that the post was a serious matter.

They wrote: “Can I just remind the comedians and everybody else that this is a request for information about a person wanted for a theft act offence.

“Can I also point out to all parties, including Caylan, that this post will be removed once the person named is detained.”

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