Teens still attempting to access quarry

Police have been forced to issue yet another warning about the dangers of trespassing at a quarry in Appley Bridge.
Police caught these teens trying to climb a fence into the quarryPolice caught these teens trying to climb a fence into the quarry
Police caught these teens trying to climb a fence into the quarry

The latest warning comes after officers intervened when they caught a group of teenagers trying to climb over a spiked metal fence into East Quarry - near a sign advising people of the dangers.

It is just weeks since the latest spell of nice weather meant police were forced to send up a helicopter in a bid to deter youngsters from entering the quarry where teenager Miracle Godson tragically drowned last year.

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A Wigan Evening Post photographer snapped around a dozen teenagers jumping into the water, floating on lilos and swimming in the quarry during a hot spell last month.

Skelmersdale Police posted a picture of the teenagers on their Facebook page.

A spokesman for the force said: “I hope you have been enjoying the fine weather, unfortunately some people still don’t understand that swimming in the quarry is both not a good idea and also civil trespass.

“For some reason this group either couldn’t read the sign or chose to ignore both it and the spiked metal fence, until it cut into their shins that is.

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“Can I once again ask that people don’t enter East Quarry at Appley Bridge - or any open water - as it is very dangerous as numerous people have found out, some with very tragic outcomes.

“To the parents out there, if your children are leaving the house with water lilo’s, towels and a change of clothes please ask where they are going.”

The police have said they will continue to patrol the quarry and Appley Bridge train station during the nice weather but hope rain at the weekend will deter attempts to access the site.

They have requested assistance from Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service and the British Transport Police and have also been accessing the potential access sites they could use in case someone needs rescuing.

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The spokesman said: “It is something for these individuals to think about - we only have the same ways of getting in as you do. Just think we may need to get life-saving equipment to you and your friends, we only hope we get there in time.”