This is your captain squeaking! Mouse causes Wigan man's flight to be cancelled

A Wigan man on a flight from Heathrow to America was astonished when his flight was cancelled after a mouse was found on board.

Passengers were heading to San Fransisco from Heathrow at 10:40 this morning on a British Airways flight, and were all strapped in when the cancellation was announced.

Sam Robinson, from Standish Lower Ground, said: “We were just sat down on the plane, and they said they’d found a mouse.

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“We had to get off because they said it could chew through all the wires.”

Flight staff also reportedly told passengers that plane rules stipulate that they cannot take off with mice onboard, and that a replacement flight would be put in place.

“One or two people were angry, but most people were laughing about it. The air hostess said she’d never seen anything like it in 25 years of flying.

“I bet all the cheese sandwiches have gone now!”

Sam was heading to America for a couple of weeks with a friend, but the pair missed their connecting flight to Los Angeles as a result of the delay.

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He added that the mouse was reportedly first spotted by a little girl and her family when it ran down the aisle right in front of them.

To add to travellers’ frustration, Sam claimed that several passengers had then wandered off in the airport, adding further delays whilst BA removed their luggage from the flight.

British Airways has not yet commented, and Heathrow Airport said it could not comment on individual flights.