This Wigan husky has been crowned 'Britain's naughtiest pet'

As much as we love them, even the most adorable pet has the potential to test our patience with the odd act of mindless destruction. But one Wigan dog gets up to so much mischief that she's been crowned Britain's naughtiest pet!
Mishka after her mischief with the blindsMishka after her mischief with the blinds
Mishka after her mischief with the blinds

Mishka, a five-year-old husky, has been causing minor havoc for owner Sam Smith ever since they first saw her in a rescue shelter two years ago.

“When we first got her, she’d been abandoned. Her behaviour was a bit erratic and it took her a while to settle. She is naughty and prone to acting up,” said the mother-of-four.

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“Generally it’s not anything major. But she likes eating packets of crisps, potatoes, anything generally lying around. She likes raisins too!”

The damage caused by MishkaThe damage caused by Mishka
The damage caused by Mishka

But Mishka’s mischievous encounter with the family’s newly installed blinds is what saw her crowned Britain’s Naughtiest Pet in the competition run by Direct Blinds.

Sam said: “We’ve just moved into our newly built house. My other dog was at the groomers, and we’d left Mishka on her own for the first time in the new house without our other dog.

“My sister-in-law went to check on her, and sent us the picture. She’s been alone maybe two hours. It wasn’t a good day!

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“I think she panicked, being without our other dog (Paddy, a 10-year-old Shih Tzu).”

Taking a nap after a spell of mischiefTaking a nap after a spell of mischief
Taking a nap after a spell of mischief

Sam went on: “She knows when she’s been naughty. Her ears go back. She does try and kiss you a lot when she’s been naughty. The kids find it amusing of course, but they don’t have to pay for the damage.

“She is the most loving dog going. She has her moments, but she’s getting there. She’s happy, she loves her walks and always gets in bed with us.”

The quest to find Britain’s naughtiest pet was carried out by Direct Blinds, who asked the public to send their entries in online.David Roebuck, Managing Director at Direct Blinds, said: “Anyone who owns a pet will know that they are not just companions, they are a part of the family. But like any family member, there is always the potential for frustration, especially when damage to property is involved.

“With the search for Britain’s naughtiest pet we hope to find the most mischievous pets in the country and, more importantly, reward the long-suffering owners of such cheeky animals.”