Tony's most ambitious pub project yet

New life has been breathed into an old Wigan pub - and it has more than a few novelties to boast.
Tony Callaghan on the roof-top terrace and outside barTony Callaghan on the roof-top terrace and outside bar
Tony Callaghan on the roof-top terrace and outside bar

Fifteens at Standish opened this week following a hefty £400,000 investment by InnTheBar boss Tony Callaghan.

What used to be The Bear’s Paw, White Duck and, most recently, the Last Orders on High Street is now one of the first hostelries in the area to have a roof-top terrace. It’s perhaps not the time of year for folk to feel the full benefit but it will take up to 200 customers.

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And this is a big place. Its beer garden alone can accommodate up to 400 and it also has a new state-of-the-art, open plan kitchen in which chef Angus Brade can work.

The original pub has been completely transformed and extended while an outbuilding at the back had to be dismantled and then put back together because of its state of delapidation.

Another of its uncommon features is a huge table that seats up to 20 which Mr Callaghan had shipped over all the way from Indonesia!

This latest addition to the Fifteens chain was launched with an invitation-only party on Thursday night.

The venture has not been without its setbacks.

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As well as unexpectedly having to re-construct the barn, the operation also suffered the theft of a £40,000 mechanical digger earlier in the year.

But all is set fair now. Mr Callaghan said: “This is very different from any other bar in these parts, it’s one of the biggest and one of the more ambitious projects I have taken on.

“It is attracting a fair few positive comments, which is encouraging.”

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