Traffic barrier could be removed

A barrier which for years has prevented traffic from passing from Spring Road directly onto Martland Mill Business Park could be removed.

Thursday, 18th August 2016, 1:00 pm
The barrier on Walthew House Lane could be removed

Wigan Council is asking for residents’ and businesses’ views on removing the traffic control barrier on Walthew House Lane in Kitt Green to allow traffic to travel down to the industrial estate to reach Scot Lane.

According to a letter sent out to residents, the new link would divert traffic away from the residential roads in Kitt Green, improve traffic flow, highway safety and network management.

It is also hoped the plan will also address concerns raised by residents on Walthew House Lane about the behaviour of some heavy good vehicles (HGVs) trying to access Martland Mill.

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HGV drivers have been observed getting stuck on the road and reversing down the road and using the side streets to turn around and it is hoped removing the barrier will improve road safety.

Coun Paul Prescott, who lives in the area, said: “The highway has been blocked off for a very long time and we have put a lot of signage up there to tell HGVs that they can’t go anywhere if they continue that way.

“Unfortunately some of the HGV drivers have decided to ignore that very clear signage and still do that. When they get down to the bottom they have nowhere to go and because they have no turning circle they reverse back down the road and then one of the roads running off it.

“I understand the road safety concern but it will mean an increase in traffic so I think it is one of those situations where there are some positives and some negatives.”

The council is also working with Heinz on the proposals.

Mark Tilley, assistant director for infrastructure, said: “We’re responding to the concerns from residents about the high number of HGVs that are driven through the area and them having to reverse down residential streets.

“We have been working with Heinz and with local residents to find a solution to this and to help ease traffic flow in the area.

“We are committed to working with them to help resolve the concerns they have and would encourage them to comment on the plans.”

Letters have been sent to residents/businesses who are affected and they have until 9th September to comment.

Any comments on the scheme can be made to Assistant Director Legal, Wigan Town Hall, Library Street quoting reference RD/LS/RD/LS/JOH/CL 48/204.