Travellers move onto popular Wigan playing field

A group of travellers have set up on Bryn Recreation Ground off Bryn Road
A group of travellers have set up on Bryn Recreation Ground off Bryn Road

Travellers have caused uproar after moving onto a popular borough sports ground late last night.

Steps are being taken to remove the travelling community, who set up camp on Bryn Recreational Ground last night at around 10pm.

Eye witnesses have claimed that the lock was broken off the playing field, which is home to Wigan Athletic Ladies youth team.

Bryn councillor, Nathan Murray, has already written to Wigan Council and noticed is due to be served tomorrow morning.

The land, just off Bryn Road and opposite St Peter's Church, is believed to be council-owned and although there is normally a barrier in place this appears to have failed to stop access being gained.

Coun Murray said: "Wigan Council have submitted the authorisation notice to Uniqwin (the councils appointed bailiffs) to serve notice.

"Uniqwin have indicated that notice will be served tomorrow morning which will mean that the travellers will need to leave the site by Thursday evening.

“I was contacted very late on Monday night by several residents with concerns about what appeared to be travellers setting up near popular open space Bryn Rec. Early on Tuesday morning I wrote to the Wigan Council chief executive to make them aware of the problem, asking them to investigate and ask that any necessary legal processes to remove them are commenced as soon as possible.

“I have dealt with similar cases in the past and travellers have moved on at their own accord in their own time however I’m aware it is vital any necessary legal processes are started as soon as possible."

The council has been contacted for comment.

Last week, Golborne residents were outraged after the community set up temporary camp on a field behind St Thomas Junior and Infant School.