Cat saved from Dubai has gone missing in Wigan

A cat rescued in Dubai and flown thousands of miles back to Wigan to be re-homed  has gone missing much to the dismay of her owner.

Friday, 4th September 2020, 3:31 pm
Willow the Arabian Mau who is missing

Susie Melling, 38, had only just returned to Standish after a 13-year stint in Dubai when her white Arabian Mau Willow disappeared on August 18 from her home on Calveley Walk.

The animal fanatic had found Willow in a bad condition in an airport in the country before re-homing her.

Willow was one of five rescue cats Susie brought back with her from Dubai.

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Susie Melling

Susie said Dubai has a big problem with people dumping and leaving cats saying that rescuers are “drowning in animals”.

Describing the situation as dire, she said there are more than 500,000 dumped and stray cats alone.

Susie, who worked in the cabin crew for Emirates but was also involved in animal rescue while out in the United Arab Emirates, said: “I brought five rescue cats to be re homed here from Dubai on August 14. Willow went missing from the house on August 18.

“It had been raining in the afternoon and it doesn’t rain in Dubai so I think she went to hide from it but we’ve not able to find her. “

Susie went on to urge anyone who had seen Willow to contact her.

She said: “It’s very sad and I miss her a lot and need to find her, so anyone who knows anything please contact me.”

Willow is described as white with brown ears and tail and has green eyes and a purple collar, while her ear is tipped and she is


Contact Susie on 01257 400071, 07452 822985 or [email protected] if you have seen Willow.