Readers’ views: ‘We need to get back to some sort of normality’

Wigan Post readers have aired their opinions about what they would like to see when the lockdown starts to ease.
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We took to our Facebook page to ask you what you hope for the most in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s roadmap speech on Monday.

And the post has sparked a huge reaction, attracting hundreds of comments from readers desperate to see loved ones or have a good old traditional pub meal.

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Alan Penk said: “I want to see a carefully planned, gradual re-opening, yes things are improving, they were last summer then look what happened.

Boris Johnson will reveal his roadmap out of lockdown on Monday (February 22)Boris Johnson will reveal his roadmap out of lockdown on Monday (February 22)
Boris Johnson will reveal his roadmap out of lockdown on Monday (February 22)

“Everyone pushing for schools to re-open back to normal.

“I’ve heard of lots of children testing positive for Covid but not showing any symptoms. This will be the same for university students who apart from parties will be going to pubs and clubs if they open.

“Slowly slowly, we don’t want or need to rush headlong into normality, because if we get it wrong, it’ll be even worse next time.”

Tracey Barker-Hall said: “It seems that what most people are hoping for is everything that happened before the worldwide pandemic struck, wouldn’t we all like that! Vaccinate the teachers please!”

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Mavis Smith said: “Would rather stay in lockdown to make sure the Covid is well under control, then we don’t have to go into lockdown again.”

Sandra Bailey said: “Nothing, I just want us all to be safe when we come out of lockdown, don’t care if it’s another three months.”

Amanda Irvine said: “To see family and friends and schools to reopen so my son can get back into a routine.

“Businesses to be able to reopen and build themselves back up and then pubs and restaurants so we can finally all get together and raise a glass to my mum, who was robbed of her wake due to control measures and stuff being shut!

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“Just want to give her the send off she well and truly deserved, just like a lot of others do.”

Clare Fanning said: “Non-essential shops and restaurants opening, and being able to freely travel within UK.”

Natalie Marsh said: “Care homes to allow more than the restricted two same people to visit their family member. My dad hasn’t seen his mum for 12 months and it’s heartbreaking.”

Lucy Williams said: “Being able to travel down south to visit my parents who I haven’t seen for 15 months! They are in their 70s and have had to do all this alone.”

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Liz Wilding said: “Seeing family and friends together and going back to work. Every week gets harder.”

Debbie Watson said: “To be able to go back to the office, albeit socially distanced will do for starters. Then I’d like to be able to go for food and drinks and ultimately be able go to the match.”

Jade Monks said: “Give pub and restaurants a break and let them open back up and earn a living.”

Donna Gaskell said: “Go and see my family and friends, be able to go there for catch-ups, coffee shops open and hairdressers, and open restaurants and pubs. This is going to be around forever, just common sense and good hygiene.”

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Susan Wilson said: “Hope schools open when he said March 8, then around the 15th gyms and non-essential shops open, plus meeting up with family in homes. Then the beginning of April, pubs and restaurants, and then in May hopefully theatres.”

Joyce Haggarty said: “My hairdresser. Restaurants can open and I can go on holiday in England and Wales.”

Chris Lewis said: “Hoping he doesn’t open pubs because we will be right back where we started yet again.”

Gemma Sheehan said: “As much as we need to be out of this, nobody wants to have to go back into it at a later date as it has happened to early.

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“The PM and co need to make sure that if movements take place it’s definitely not before it should be.

“It’s gone on for a very long time now and as honest as what I’m about to say is, none of us are getting any younger.

“We need to be able to get back to some form of normality and able to live life like we are here to do. Most of us aren’t living at the moment, we are purely existing which is extremely sad. Deep but very true!”

Sarah Evans said: “To go and see my family and friends responsibly instead of FaceTime. To go back to the office. Covid will be with us for a long time so baby steps to the long road ahead.”

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Natalie Williams said: “About education, a lot of children have missed so much education and their safe space/place.

“There will be people who have enjoyed having children at home and spending quality time together which is brilliant, but out there, there will be vulnerable children who are witnessing things they shouldn’t and possibly even being victims of crime. Surely education should come before any pub/restaurants etc opening, although we do want to hear about these sectors too.”

Mary Lloyd said: “That people will behave sensibly and responsibly, so that it is the first steps on the long road back to normality instead of us ending up back where we started in yet another lockdown.

“And on a personal level that husband and I will be able to celebrate our golden wedding anniversary in June in the way we had hoped before all this started.”

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Georgie Lea said: “Schools having a phased return with primary schools going back first because they can stay in bubbles all day, and exam years being prioritised too.”

Kerry Houghton said: “Schools to open, especially primary schools. And being able to see family with no rule of six. If there has to be a limit, it should be two households or exclude children from the rule of six.”

Jake Aspinall added: “Gyms to open, shouldn’t have been shut in the first place.”

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