Unconscious man rescued from Wigan flat after kitchen fire

Firefighters had to rescue a man who had fallen asleep just as a fire broke out in his flat.
Fire crews were called to kitchen fire in ScholesFire crews were called to kitchen fire in Scholes
Fire crews were called to kitchen fire in Scholes

Crews from Wigan fire station were called to reports of a blaze in a second floor flat at Morris House in Scholes, shortly before 7.45pm yesterday (Monday).

On arrival, firefighters made their way to the second floor and could smell burning from inside the flat. They could also see smoke filling the room after peering through the letterbox.

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The crew had to use special lock breaking equipment to gain entry to the property, wherein they found a man slumped in his chair.

Fortunately, he had smoke alarms which had alerted his neighbours.

The man was dragged from the smoke-logged flat and started to wake up once he was outside and in the fresh air.

Crew manager Simon Connor said: "He had left a pan of food on the cooker and had fell asleep. There was no real fire damage, it was more smoke.

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"He was lucky though because he was completely out of it. If we hadn't arrived when we did, it could have been a lot worse."

He added: "You need to think about having a sandwich or ordering food in, don't cook anything. And make sure you have working smoke alarms!"