VIDEO: Wigan motorist leads police on high speed chase through residential streets

A reckless Wigan motorist who led police on a 20-minute car chase through red lights and residential streets at more than double the speed limit has been jailed.

Josh Cumberbatch, of Frog Lane, Gidlow, was sent to prison for nine months and banned from driving for three years following the terrifying pursuit back in November.

The pursuit was captured on video by Greater Manchester Police

The pursuit was captured on video by Greater Manchester Police

Startling police footage shows the 22-year-old’s car hurtling through the centre of Standish with no regard for other motorists or pedestrians.

Cumberbatch admitted to three offences when he appeared in the dock at Bolton Crown Court including dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving while disqualified.

At the time of his arrest, he was already serving a 45-month-ban after charges were brought against him in 2016 for dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

During a sentencing hearing last week, Judge Timothy Stead heard that the boy racer was chased by traffic patrols after being seen driving a Nissan Micra through a Wigan estate in the middle of the night.

On November 22, at around 12.20am, officers spotted Cumberbatch behind the wheel on Montrose Avenue in Kitt Green and a quick Police National Computer check revealed he was not supposed to be driving.

A spokesperson for the Crown Prosecution Service said: “Police activated emergency equipment but he failed to stop and there was a chase. “The pursuit went on over 20 minutes, during which he contravened numerous red traffic lights and drove well in excess of the posted speed limits on certain roads.

“He was travelling at speeds of 60mph mostly in 30mph zones.”

Cumberbatch’s Nissan was eventually “stung” by police on Wigan Lower Road in Standish Lower Ground.

Even then the fugitive did not give up and abandoned the vehicle to make off on foot but was arrested soon afterwards.

He appeared at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court in January but magistrates deemed the offence too serious to be dealt with and sent the case to crown court for a judge to hand down sentence.

Cumberbatch has faced previous charges for unrelated offences and was jailed for four weeks in 2016 for racially abusing a member of staff at a BP garage in Wigan.

At the same time, he admitted to stealing a bottle of vodka from Asda.