Warning as tumble dryer sets alight

THE quick-thinking actions of a man saved his house from burning down when his tumble dryer set alight.
The White Knight tumble dryer which set alightThe White Knight tumble dryer which set alight
The White Knight tumble dryer which set alight

Anthony Mottram had turned on his White Knight Tumble dryer model number 38 AW but he saw smoke and could smell burning.

So he took the plug out and moved the appliance out into his garden, in Coronation Drive, Leigh, where - a few minutes later - it was engulfed in flames.

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The 51-year-old is now warning others about the model, which he bought two years ago, as he is concerned there is a fault.

He said: “When I turned it on it started smoking and so I turned it off. I unplugged it and put it outside.

“I went back into the house and I went back into the garden two minutes later and it was in flames.

“Fortunately I had a fire extinguisher and I put out the flames.

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“I am concerned about why it set alight, as I only bought it two years ago. It was not overloaded, as it had five or six items in and I had cleaned the filter so there was no fluff or lint clogging it up. It is vented and had a tube outside.

“I want to warn others of the fault and so to raise awareness I put a post on Facebook. I got around 40 replies saying they also had similar problems.”

Anthony, a graphic designer, said his wife, Susan, and 14-year-old daughter were in the house at the time and said had he not acted, it could have set fire to the side of his house.

He said: “The tumble dryer is not on our house - it is at the side of our house as we have two sheds and a corrugated plastic roof. If I had left it where it was it would have set fire to the side of the house.

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“I would warn everyone to never leave a dryer unattended. You can’t sit there watching it all day but never leave it on when you are going to bed or leaving the house as it could set fire.”

A spokesman for Crosslee, which manufactures White Knight products, said: “We will collect the tumble dryer to inspect it. We will then give Mr Mottram feedback when we find out what the technical fault was.

“We will send him a new tumble dryer with a warranty.”

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service warns people never to tackle fires but to call them.

They also warn people never to leave tumble dryers on overnight and urge everyone to check the filters and clean them out regularly.

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Chair of Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority, Councillor David Acton, said: “Remember to keep appliances in good working order and get them serviced regularly. If there is a fire involving an electrical item, never put water on it. If it’s safe to do so pull out the plug or switch off the power and call for help.”

For advice visit www.manchesterfire.gov.uk/fire_safety_advice/home_fire_safety/”