Warning over fly-tipping in Wigan

The owner of a patch of land strewn with fly-tipped rubbish has been ordered to clean it up or face action by Wigan Council.

Monday, 5th March 2018, 8:20 am
Updated Monday, 5th March 2018, 9:25 am
Rubbish at the site on City Road, where a clean-up has been ordered

The local authority acted after fed-up Kitt Green resident Jim Perry highlighted the waste dumped behind a row of shops on City Road.

As well as being covered in bottles, cans and food wrappings, Mr Perry says there was one incident where it appeared a vanload of rubbish had been flung there, with items including a suitcase left on the street.

The land is privately-owned and the town hall has now written to them asking them to deal with the rubbish.

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This is the first stage in a series of increasingly-strict actions which could end with local authority staff having to tidy up the area and the owner then being billed for it if nothing is done.

Paul Barton, the council’s director for environment, said: “After a report to us, one of our officers visited the location and confirmed that the land was privately owned, therefore was the responsibility of the landowner to clear away.

“We have written to the landowner advising them that there is an issue and that the area needs clearing of all waste.

“An officer will revisit the location two weeks after this notification and if no action has been taken, we will send a legal notice giving the land owner 28 days to deal with the issue.

“After this point, if no action has been taken, we will arrange for the work to be done and all costs will be recovered from the landowner.”

Mr Perry said he has also raised the issue with a ward councillor who was looking into what possible action could be taken, so concerned was he about the rubbish’s impact on the area’s appearance.

Mr Perry said: “This is a continuous problem, but it came to a head a couple of weeks ago. It looked like someone had opened the side door of a van and shoved all the rubbish out.

“At one point there was a suitcase there and there’s also bags full of general rubbish. I think it’s dragging the whole area down, really.

“It’s obvious who is responsible because you can plainly see a name and address on some of the rubbish.”

Several frustrated residents have recently contacted the paper to express disgust at fly-tipping.

Areas of Wigan Flashes in Poolstock were left festooned with rubbish and a photographer snapped piles of waste at two sites in Ince.

Wigan Council is urging people to report fly-tipping at www.wigan.gov.uk/reportit or by downloading the ReportIt app.