Warning over phone scam

RESIDENTS are being warned about a scam used to get people’s bank details.

Con artists are phoning people up, claiming to be from BT saying there was a computer virus and asking them to log onto the internet.

But BT can confirm this is not a valid call and it is a scam.

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A spokesman said: “Ringing up a customer and asking them to go on the internet to check / input their bank details isn’t something we would ask a customer to do.

“If a customer has arranged to pay their bill by direct debit, we would already have those details on record.

“If any of your readers receives a phone call and wants to check whether it is genuine, after replacing the receiver they can either dial 1471 – in which case they will be told that the last call to them was from BT – or ring BT customer services on Freephone 0800 800 150.”

Pat Snowden, 73, of Beech Hill, contacted reporters to alert the public.

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She said: “I got a phone call from someone saying they were from BT and there was a problem with the network so I had to log onto the internet.

“I suspected it was a scam and said I needed to speak with my provider as I was scared they would get my bank details. This is worrying as not everyone will be aware of the scam and they could log on and have their bank details accessed.

People need to be warned. The number they called from was 020 8144 0451.”

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