Why would anyone dump this?

Just some of the rubbish dumped by selfish residentsJust some of the rubbish dumped by selfish residents
Just some of the rubbish dumped by selfish residents
Selfish Wiganers have once again been blasted for turning the borough's open spaces, quite literally, into a tip.

Keen photographer Steve Heaton, who frequently uses his skill with a lens to highlight anti-social behaviour, was disgusted by fly-tipping he spotted in Ince.

Mr Heaton spotted piles of waste and cans strewn all over a patch of open land off Ince Hall Avenue.

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More rubbish, including broken plastic garden chairs and tables and large numbers of black bin and supermarket carrier bags full of objects, were thrown into patches of undergrowth off nearby Glegg Street.

Mr Heaton said the former site in particular is frequently turned into an eyesore by fly-tippers and raged against the state it leaves the area.

He said: “Rubbish appears here off Ince Hall Avenue about every month or so.

“It’s just not on, blighting the countryside in this way. It’s not a thing you like to see anywhere.

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“The countryside is a place to enjoy, not turn into a dumping ground for people too lazy to take it to a recycling centre.”

Wigan Council also had strong words for anyone abandoning rubbish on scraps of land across the borough.

Paul Barton, director for environmental services at Wigan Council said: “Fly-tipping ruins our communities and costs us money to clean up.

“By residents not fly-tipping and recycling their waste correctly we can keep council tax low.

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“Our new environmental education and enforcement team is now operational seven days a week and works with residents to tackle all types of environmental crime, ensuring we have clean and tidy communities.

“It is vital that residents support us with this issue and we encourage anybody who witnesses fly-tipping to send us as much information about the perpetrator, including vehicle registration or a home address where possible so we can take action.”

To report an incident of environmental crime such as fly-tipping or dog fouling visit www.wigan.gov.uk/reportit or download the council’s ReportIt app.