Wigan dad’s anger over glass found in daughter's drink at bowling alley

An investigation will be launched at Wigan's bowling alley after a schoolgirl reportedly found shards of broken glass in her drink.
The pieces of glass found in the drinkThe pieces of glass found in the drink
The pieces of glass found in the drink

David Bowker, from Abram, had taken his daughters to the Hollywood Bowl branch of Wallgate as a post-Easter treat when the incident happened.

The dad-of-two said that he was disbelieving when his 10-year-old daughter Ziva said she had glass in her mouth after finishing a glass of tap water.

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“When we go out, she only drinks tap water,” said David. “At the end she tends to chew the ice cubes.

“She got a piece in her mouth and started to chew it and said ‘I think this is glass’.

“I told her to stop being silly. I didn’t really think there would be glass in her drink.

“I took a piece out and went to chew it to show her, and I cut my lip on it.

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“I was absolutely furious. If she had swallowed that it could have been very serious.”

David said that he tried to complain to the staff, but he felt they were more concerned about the accusations than solving the problem.

“I have had businesses myself,” he said.

“If something like that happened I would shut the bar down and find out where it came from.

“I looked at the bucket just under the bar, and thought perhaps a glass had smashed and some shards had got in there unknowingly.

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“But the manager said there had been no breakages that day.

“I just felt that at every opportunity it was made out like I was making it up.”

After allegedly trying to solve the problem with the management team, David threatened to complain to the Health and Safety Executive.

He has also put a complaint in with the environmental health team at Wigan Council.

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A spokesperson for Hollywood Bowl said that the incident had been flagged up internally.

In a statement to the Wigan Post, they said: “We intend to investigate this issue with the Wigan Hollywood Bowl.

“At Hollywood Bowl, the health, welfare and safety of our customers is of the upmost importance.

”All of our branches adhere to rigorous, government enforced food hygiene and health and safety standards.”

It is not yet known whether Wigan Council will be launching an investigation into the incident.