Wigan man blames '˜spiked' drink for terrifying attack

A Wigan grandad believed his drink had been 'spiked' before he assaulted his partner after a night out drinking.
He believes his drink was spikedHe believes his drink was spiked
He believes his drink was spiked

Benjamin Molyneux, of Curtis Street in Pemberton, admitted to charges of criminal damage and assault at a hearing in Wigan Magistrates’ Court.

The court heard how the 42-year-old has been in a relationship with his former girlfriend, Aileen Kelly, for around three years at the time of the incident, which occurred back in March,

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The couple, who had briefly separated on two occasions previously, got into an argument after Molyneux called her late in the evening questioning their future.

Prosecuting, Andrew Hay told magistrates: “Ms Kelly had a call at around 10.30pm from the defendant asking how they had come to where they were in the relationship. She asked him not to call again that night or she would switch off her phone.”

Mr Hay explained that at 2am, Ms Kelly heard a loud knock at the front door. Assuming it was her son, she went to let him in.

“There was no one outside,” added Mr Hay. “She closed the door and went into the kitchen. She heard a loud bang and saw the defendant reaching in through a broken glass panel.

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“She found the defendant drunk at the bottom of the stairs swaying,” said the prosecutor. “She grabbed him by the jumper. He swung to free himself and hit her. She fell and hit her head.

She had swelling to her forehead.”

Feeling dizzy, Ms Kelly went to the living room where she fell asleep - the court heard. When she awoke, Molyneux had left her home.

He text her to apologise the following day, claiming to have had his drink spiked.

“He had been to hospital to get checked over,” said Mr Hay.

Speaking with police, Ms Kelly said: “I feel more embarrassed than anything.

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“I want a restraining order so he can’t come back to my house. I don’t want him to come near me.”

Molyneux admitted that his recollection of the night was “clouded by the alcohol” and that he thought he may have been spiked.

Martin Jones, defending, added: “He has pushed his arm out and as a result she’s fallen and banged her head. It was nearly five months ago, they have had no contact whatsoever.”

Justices fined Molyneux £230 and he was ordered to pay £50 in compensation as well as £85 in court costs and a £30 victim surcharge.

He was also given a restraining order which means he will not be able to contact Ms Kelly directly or indirectly or visit Rathen Avenue for 12 months.