Wigan schools in "lockdown" after another round of cyber attacks

Police have confirmed that "threats" made to schools causing Wigan students to be put into "lockdown" are a hoax.
National Police Chiefs' Council has confirmed an ongoing incidentNational Police Chiefs' Council has confirmed an ongoing incident
National Police Chiefs' Council has confirmed an ongoing incident

Today, news of more cyber attacks across the UK reached several Wigan schools including the Deanery High School and St Mary's CE Primary School who put "lockdown procedures" in place.

Earlier this month, schools across the country received "malicious" hoax emails reporting a bomb on the premises. This time, affected schools have reportedly received an email threatening teachers that children will be "hit by a car" outside the school.

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An anonymous student said: "We have been told that we can't leave the premises. They didn't call an assembly or anything. Usually sixth form leave the premises at lunch time and go into Wigan but now no one can go out until further notice."

The National Police Chiefs' Council confirmed that there was an incident earlier today involving numerous establishments.

A spokesperson for the NPCC said: "We have heard that a few forces have received reports. There's a process going on now to have a look at that and see what needs to be done.

"Last time the response was led by the National Crime Agency, so that is quite possibly going to be the case again."

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St Mary's CE Primary School has already confirmed that it had taken precautionary measures but was not directly affected.

The school posted on social media: "Information is being received about an email sent across the country to some schools about a terrorist threat. Greater Manchester Police are currently working to respond to this as are the council.

"St Mary's has not received any emails. GMP will respond online in due course but are recommending that we continue with our day as usual. The school site is secured and lock down procedures are in place should they be needed.

"There is no threat to us at this time but we will monitor this continuously to ensure that our children remain safe and oblivious to the threat."