Wigan teens face jail for brutal kidnapping terror

Four Wigan teenagers are facing jail for a brutal robbery in which they kidnapped a fellow teen, bundling him into a car before stripping him naked and violently assaulting him.
The youths appeared at crown court this weekThe youths appeared at crown court this week
The youths appeared at crown court this week

Luis Prates, 18, Joshua Cadman, 18, Daniel Cadman, 19, and a 17-year-old who cannot be identified but shall be called X, appeared at Bolton Crown Court this week charged with kidnapping, robbery and assault causing actual bodily harm.

Prates was also charged with driving dangerously without insurance or a licence. The court heard how on March 12, the defendants - all from Hindley - collected their victim from a pub before assaulting him and “bundling him” into a car, driven by Prates.

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They then ordered the teenager out of the car, stripped him and three of them kicked him.

Simon Barrett, prosecuting, said: “In relation to Joshua Cadman, he and X got the victim out of the car, Josh was the one who stripped him naked.

“Josh and X took off his top and punched him and they all kicked him.

“It’s the view of the police that they didn’t realise how serious this was.”

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All four teens pleaded guilty to kidnapping, while Daniel Cadman denied the other charges, which the crown prosecution have now dropped against him.

Helen Longworth, defending, said: “He accepts that he drove in a car with the others knowing that the victim was going to be put in the boot and driven away.

“He doesn’t accept robbing him or inflicting actual bodily harm on him.

“He admits that he punched him earlier when he first got out of the car says he didn’t kick him at any point.”

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Judge Richard Gioserano, who presided over the teens’ plea hearing, heard how the victim had been stripped of his clothes and mobile phone, all of which were stolen from him.

The judge agreed to adjourning the sentencing to allow for a psychological report to be produced for Joshua Cadman, who has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Ms Longworth added: “His psychological report from 2015 mentions ADHD and his family background and knowledge that his cognitive function is low.”

The four teens will be sentenced together on October 2 at Bolton Crown Court.

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Judge Gioserano said: “The seriousness of offending all belies the fact that they are all very very young.”

Then addressing the youngsters, he added: “Even though you are now all facing inevitable custodial sentences - I cannot see how any of you are likely to avoid that - I am still prepared to grant all four of you bail.

“You have all abided by any conditions you have been given to date.”