Wiganers plagued by rotten stench

Residents in a Wigan township are being plagued by a stench so foul many are forced to keep their windows and doors shut, even in the sweltering heat.
Wigan Road is just one of the places affected by the flies and stenchWigan Road is just one of the places affected by the flies and stench
Wigan Road is just one of the places affected by the flies and stench

People living in Ashton have complained of an odour which has lingered in the area for the past few months, worsening during the extended heatwave.

With the stench has also come an invasion of flies, which many say are making life “unbearable”.

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Emma Collier, a resident of Wigan Road in Bryn, said that the smell was so bad last week that her partner vomited.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” said the 27-year-old mum-of-one. “It has been awful recently and it’s definitely worse in the heat.

“My partner Stewart threw up the other night because the smell was so bad.

“It’s just awful. Even worse are the flies that seem to have come with it.

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“I have a two-year-old daughter and we have to put nappies in the bin but it’s attracting flies and there seem to be maggots everywhere outside near the bins.

“I think given the situation our bins need to be collected much more often than every three weeks.”

Bryn resident, Lee Davies, took to social media to vent his frustration: “That smell outside is beyond the realms of evil. That isn’t an animal that’s produced that.”

Businesses have also been affected by the smell. Patrons at Premier Hair and Beauty on Wigan Road, said that they have experienced the eye-watering odour both in their homes and further into Bryn at the salon.

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“You can’t open any of your windows and doors,” said one customer. “It’s no better when you come down here. It seems to be affecting everyone. And the flies are just disgusting.

“A few weeks ago there were loads in here. It doesn’t smell like animal muck either.”

Some residents said that they have put complaints into the council.

A town hall spokesperson, said: “If anyone has any concerns regarding agricultural smells you can report this to us via our website. You can also find out more about why farmers spread in summer.”