Will Gary make it the Greatest Day?

A Gary Barlow fan from Wigan is hoping to snare the superstar singer to perform at her 30th birthday by setting up a campaign on Twitter.

Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 1:58 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th April 2016, 3:02 pm
Laura Shepherd from Wigan, second from right, with colleagues from Central Catering Services Ltd, who are supporting her in a Twitter campaign to try and get singer Gary Barlow to perform at her 30th birthday

Laura Shepherd is hosting a festival-themed bash, with Wigan singer Andy Crawford and The Quilts Band on the bill and now she is hoping the Take That frontman will jump on board.

Gary has been known to put in an appearance at people’s weddings and milestone events if he feels they have pleaded their case well and now she is hoping her efforts will pay off for her party next month.

Billinge-based Laura, who works for Central Catering Services, said: “I have decided to have a festival theme for my party given the company I work for caters for such events and I thought this would be very fitting. Gary Barlow would complete my line-up.

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“I have called the festival Thir-T in the Park and the invitations are handmade lanyards like what you would get at a festival – I have even made one especially for Gary.

“When I first learned that Gary would be attending milestone birthdays after his success as a wedding crasher last year I knew I had to get my campaign started.

“My colleague, Zoë Bird has helped to get this on its way by starting a Twitter campaign - @sheps30th #getgarytosheps30th #getgarytowigan.

“Zoe has been tweeting Gary himself plus a host of other well-known celebrities including Simon Cowell, Robbie Williams Philip Schofield and many more to assist in the campaign but to no avail.

“It would mean the absolute world to me if Gary turned up to my 30th birthday celebrations.

“I have attended many concerts, the last one being in June 2011 at the Etihad Stadium Manchester, where I waited outside the arena for hours in attempt to meet my idol.

“But, this was not to be. It saddens me to see others who have met Gary himself, but not me. This would be my complete dream.

“It would finally be a massive thank you to my mum, Gill, who has organised my whole party, she is also a massive Gary Barlow fan - she introduced me to him.

“It would be a huge surprise for her too. I’m only 30 once, and it would be my dream come true to get him to my party.

“It’s also a big year for milestone birthdays in our family, my cousin has just turned 20, my sister will be 40, along with my cousins who turn 30 and 40, finishing with my aunty who turns 60 this year.

“They will all be at the party so really he would be doing five in one.”