Windows smashed and flowers wrecked by vandals in Mesnes Park

There are calls for more CCTV cameras to be installed at a Wigan park after a spate of vandalism.

Coun George Davies in a vandalised garden at Mesnes Park
Coun George Davies in a vandalised garden at Mesnes Park

Wigan Central councillor George Davies wants something to be done to protect Mesnes Park.

He says there have been several incidents of vandalism in recent years.

Last weekend plants were damaged in the rose garden and two windows were smashed at Mesnes Park Lodge.

He believes the garden was deliberately targeted by vandals and not simply damaged by Storm Doris.

And he says young people have been seen causing damage at the park.

Coun Davies said: “We call Mesnes Park ‘the jewel in the crown’ but more vandalism and anti-social behaviour is still happening in the park.

“Last year the pavilion’s windows were smashed in, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage, and on many weekends the flowerbeds get ripped up, leaving our Mesnes Park gardeners to clean up the areas.

“Now the rose garden has had an attack with stems being snapped and two back windows of the Lodge being broken, so I am calling an emergency meeting to get some action for safety and extended cameras to be put in for our workforce and our families who visit our Mesnes Park.”


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There are already CCTV cameras at Mesnes Park, but Coun Davies would like the coverage to be extended to all areas.

It could also help to tackle the anti-social behaviour problems and arson attacks blighting the derelict Pagefield building, which is next to the park.

He said: “I want the CCTV cameras to be extended so that everywhere in Mesnes Park can be seen if there is any trouble or any problems.”

Coun Davies is now working to set up a meeting to discuss the problem with Wigan Council, Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles, the police, Friends Of Mesnes Park and fellow councillors.


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It has been pencilled in for Monday, March 20.

Coun Davies has already met the Friends Of Mesnes Park to discuss the issue and has the support of chairman Allan Foster, who has been asking for more CCTV cameras in the park to improve safety for some time.