Woman admits bottle attack on her partner

A woman has admitted hitting her partner round the head with a wine bottle as they argued following a night out.

Natalie Gallagher, 26, pleaded guilty to wounding Anthony Bolton with intent at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court following the incident on Sunday, February 28.

The court heard that they had both returned to her house on Acacia Crescent, Beech Hill, separately in the early hours of the morning when an argument broke out between them.

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Sarah Perkins, prosecuting, said: “The victim accused the defendant of cheating on him.

“Gallagher asked him to leave but he refused and sat on the sofa.

“Mr Bolton then got up to go to the toilet and again accused Miss Gallagher of cheating on him.

“This occurred in the hallway while Miss Gallagher was cleaning up and she had an empty wine bottle in her hand.

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“She lost her temper and hit the victim in the face with the bottle causing it to smash and leaving him with a 1cm cut on the bridge of nose and a cut to his head.

“The victim did not seem bothered at the time.

“He said to the defendant ‘that was a good shot’.

“It was the defendant who rang the police and admitted she had hit him with the bottle.

“She said he was annoying her and she wanted them to come and take him out of her house.

“She doesn’t say it was self-defence; it was simply because he was annoying her.”

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Officers arrived at Gallagher’s house and arrested her. She later admitted what she had done at interview.

But Bob Toppin, defending, said that the victim had not provided a statement or supported the Crown Prosecution Service’s case against Gallagher.

He said: “The victim has written a letter where he says they got into an argument and he came across as very aggressive and said some nasty things to her.

“He said ‘I should have left when she asked me too, we have both been very stupid’.”

The case has been adjourned until March 22 when Gallagher will be sentenced.

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