Young Brits are more loyal to their phones than their partners

Young people in Britain are more loyal to their mobile phone network than their PARTNERS, a study has found.

Researchers found that a typical 18-30 year-old spends four years and two months with their network, compared to just three years and nine months in a relationship.

And despite a long list of gripes with both the mobile networks, young Brits are more likely to consider being unfaithful to their partner than their mobile provider.

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The poll was carried about by Carphone Warehouse, whose Marketing Director Dean Kramer said: “Even though eyes might start to wander when they’ve been with a partner a while, it seems young Brits are far more likely to tolerate debauched behaviour when it comes to their networks.

“Switching networks can sometimes be a pain, leading to people staying in unhappy relationships rather than make a move.”

The top reasons Brits switch networks are to save money, have more flexibility, or they don’t want to be tied to a contract.

On the other hand, only 29 per cent of young Brits have actually made the switch, despite being able to save an average of £152 with Carphone Warehouse.

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The most common complaints about romantic partners were not listening, chewing loudly, snoring, breaking wind and picking their nose.

Whereas for networks, the most common complaints were poor coverage, connectivity, additional charges and price increases.

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However, even this isn’t enough for many to move on from their network, and the most common reason for sticking is believing that the process of switching is too complicated.

Other reasons include thinking that the process will take too long, not knowing who to ask for advice and one in 10 believing that changing networks will cost them more money.

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When asked what respondents would do with a potential saving from switching networks, most would save the money for a rainy day or put it towards taking a holiday.

Dean Kramer added: “Our advice is to see what else is out there when it comes to your relationship with a network.

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“Don’t sell yourself short because you believe it’s too difficult or time consuming to do better.

“We have the perfect network match-making tool, Pin Point, that takes the stress out of finding your ideal partner by exploring thousands of deals. We save our customers £152 on average when it comes to switching, so we’re challenging the nation to get a better deal.”

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1 Price (76%)

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2 Data allowance (53%)

3 Network coverage (40%)

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4 Text allowance (30%)

5 Minutes allowance (28%)