Youngster’s bid to get new skate park

An impressive young scooter enthusiast has begun lobbying politicians in the borough for a new skate park to be built in his town.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 2:32 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 3:38 pm
Joshua Wallwork with his mum Stacey and older brother Aaron
Joshua Wallwork with his mum Stacey and older brother Aaron

Joshua Wallwork has asked Leigh MP Jo Platt and ward councillors if ramps and other equipment for pastimes such as skateboarding and roller blading can be placed in the park on Union Street in Tyldesley at the age of just nine.

The young campaigner loves trying out new tricks on his two-wheeled foot-propelled vehicle and rides on the impressive facilities at Howe Bridge Sports Centre.

However, some of his friends cannot afford the entrance fee at the dedicated venue so he would like something on his doorstep where they can all go for free.

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Joshua Wallwork with his mum Stacey and older brother Aaron

Joshua’s mum Stacey highlighted his campaigning work on social media and says that following her post a Tyldesley ward councillor told her it was a lovely idea that will now be put forward.

Stacey said: “It was Joshua’s own idea. He and his friends have been using mini-ramps because the smaller park is the only one they can get to.

“He was just wondering one day if we could get a skate park built. I said I didn’t know and he would have to ask. I’m really proud of him.

“Joshua really loves his scooter and quite a few of his friends have them as well.

“We pay for him to go to Howe Bridge every Monday and Saturday but some of his friends can’t afford it, especially the weekend sessions.

“He wants to be able to go with them and just ride his scooter.

“I think it would be a brilliant thing. It is needed, there’s nothing really like that in Tyldesley. There are some big parks in the area but Joshua and his friends are too young to go to that.”

In his letters St George’s Central School pupil Joshua says the Union Street park needs to be made bigger due to the number of local youngsters wanting to play on it.

He said there are also issues with vandalism but if there was equipment there people would use that and treat the area better.

He also explained that the swings and slide in the park currently are ideal for young children but people of his age and older felt they were too “babyish”.

Stacey’s post on social media has earned Joshua plenty of plaudits from residents impressed by his initiative.

Sonia Steenson said: “It’s something that’s needed for the tweens and teens in our area, fingers crossed.”