'Police need to stop being ‘PC’ and get back to fighting crime'

A former detective inspector criticises modern policing policies
A former detective inspector criticises modern policing policies

The first thing I learnt as a police recruit was that the primary object of an efficient police force is the prevention and detection of crime.

Recently released statistics reveal that there has been a staggering increase in all crime, but particularly burglary. The most intrusive and invasive crime anyone can face has soared by 78 per cent.

I am aware that other former colleagues share my exasperation with the current state of policing and the warped priorities of the new breed of liberal-minded senior officers, who have never been seasoned thief-takers but sociology graduates

immersed in the dogma of diversity.

They constantly pander to every passing political fad – from painting police cells in customer-friendly colours, encouraging male officers to wear stilettos to highlight domestic violence, to painting their nails in rainbow colours in support of the LGBT movement and the modern slave trade. There have been other ridiculous schemes.

They have focused on cyber crime, historical sex abuse, hate crimes and online abuse, neglecting traditional crimes and the reassuring presence of coppers on the beat. When did any of us last see a patrolling copper?

In defence of the accelerated closure of all our police stations, the police hierarchy blame the lack of Government funding and yet they themselves are pleased to accept sky-high earnings and retire on gold-plated pensions.

In the meantime, mind how you go and remember, if you want to know the time in the current climate, you will have to look at your watch!

Retired Det Insp Jim Oldcorn

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