7 easy and fun things for kids to draw when they’re bored - from cat to stars and monsters

With schools, parks and many businesses closed, children stuck at home can soon begin to feel restless.

One way to keep the boredom at bay is to encourage your child’s imagination and creativity, and drawing combines both.

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However, not every child is born to be the next Van Gogh, so below is a list of easy-to-follow drawing ideas for both parents and children alike, which are sure to keep the kids entertained during lockdown.

Favourite animals

Childhood is an age filled with favourites, as picking favourites helps children gain a sense of identity.

From tigers, to pandas, pigs and cats, drawing animals starting with a simple circle is simple for young kids.

Use the easy-to-follow instructions here to start the creative process - and if they change their minds, there are plenty of other options to draw.

Surprise folded monsters

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For children with heightened energy levels who are looking for a little more excitement in the drawing process, these simple to make monsters will do the trick.

By cleverly folding an A4 piece of paper into thirds before drawing, your child’s drawing can come to life.

Rainbow drawings

Every parent knows children love colour. So this fun and creative colouring trick is sure to be a hit with the kids.

First use crayons to colour an entire page with rainbow colours.

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Then, turn the coloured side over onto a blank piece of paper. On the back of the newly coloured sheet, let your child draw to his heart's content with a graphite pencil or hard tipped pen.

Once he has finished, peel the page away and the blank sheet underneath will now be covered in your child's bright multi coloured drawings. See the simple demonstration here.


Flowers are notoriously easy to draw and perfect for a quick doodle.

Free your child from the confines of the house and head into the garden where they can choose their favourite flower for inspiration.

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If you don't have a garden, take a photo of the flowers you see on your next family walk.

Household prompt drawings

This is a great one for engaging your child’s imagination.

Grab simple objects from around the house and garden such as paper clips, leaves, clothes pegs, and pistachio shells.

Place your chosen object in the centre of the page and begin drawing around it, creating different characters and objects with your additions.

Think clothes pegs as crocodiles, paper clips as trumpets, a leaf as a skirt, and pistachio shells as turtle shells. Here are some examples to get you started.


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Stars may look difficult to draw at first, but after one try your child will see how easy they can be. Stars can also be drawn in a number of ways.

From the star of David, made from two triangles overlapping, to the five point star.

Another way to draw a star is to simply draw a cross shape ‘X’ - and keep drawing new lines through its centre to create a twinkling star effect.

Famous cartoon characters

This is a good option for older children wanting to expand their drawing abilities yet all the while remaining easy to do.From Bugs Bunny to Bart Simpson, drawing a character people instantly recognise is sure to make your child feel like an accomplished artist.

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