Expert advice on how to wrap those difficult gifts

Parents across the nation know all too well that last-minute sinking feeling come Christmas Eve when faced with a difficult gift to wrap, such as a kid’s bike, scooter, or tennis racket.

That’s why Decathlon, the one-stop shop for family Christmas shopping, wants to help mums and dads out this Christmas, by launching a gift-wrapping video.

WATCH the video here

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Bursting with festive fun, the video features expertise from mum of three and social media influencer Emily Norris, and shares tips on how to wrap the trickiest of gifts with creative Christmas flair to delight little ones under the tree this year.

Lifestyle Influencer Emily Norris, shares her top tips for a more environmentally friendly Christmas wrap:

1 Use recyclable wrapping paper that can either be re-used or easily disposed of in the family paper recycling bin with no additional special effort required

2 Opt for biodegradable washi tape

3 Avoid shiny, foiled, or glittery wrapping paper, bows and ribbons that can’t be recycled, are bad for the environment and add to the nations’ waste bins

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4 Utilise household materials and cloth-wrap with unwanted or unused pillowcases, tablecloths, and sheets.You can even use flowers, plants, and root vegetables to dye off-whites in an eco-friendly way with onion skins producing festive golds and avocados providing pretty and rich pinks and purples – a great one to get the kids involved too, turning the kitchen into a science experiment.

5 Re-use, re-use, and re-use. I have a secret stash of pretty fabric ribbons and bows, gift papers and bags that I re-use and re-gift to others when wrapping presents – the haphazard combination of colours and materials gives a wonderful presentation aesthetic and a beautiful end result much to the recipients’ delight.

Social media influencer and mum of three, Emily Norris, added: “I’m so looking forward to seeing my children’s faces on Christmas Day morning under the tree.

"There’s no better feeling for a parent than delivering that delight, surprise and magic which is why it was a joy to partner with Decathlon and combine creative Christmas wrapping with conscious selections of materials to make better choices by opting for recyclable paper wrapping, washi tape, and reusable fabric.

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“We may have a penchant for pretty packaging, especially at Christmastime, but we all strive to lead more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles to ensure our children, and their children, inherit a healthy planet. It’s great to share ways to achieve a more sustainable Christmas and give some crackers of eco-friendly tips along the way.”

Through the fun and creative wrapping tips, Decathlon wants to help parents across the nation to recreate these playful ideas at home and what’s more, the video also spreads the important message of how better wrapping means less waste and ultimately enjoy a more environmentally friendly Christmas.

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