First News: Dolphins have accents!

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Researchers have discovered that just like humans, bottlenose dolphins have different 'accents' depending on where they live.

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From Scouse to Glaswegian, the UK has loads of different accents, and now scientists at the University of Sassari in Italy say that dolphins do too!

The team looked at six different communities of dolphins in the Mediterranean Sea and noticed that there were lots of differences in the whistles they used to communicate with their peers. They found that the marine mammals seem to adapt their whistles to their environments. Dolphins who live in areas with seagrass have shorter, much high-pitched whistles compared to those who live in muddier places.

The team say the dolphins' whistles are just as unique as human voices, depending on where they live and the size of their community.

The study was published in Scientific Reports.


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By Harry Morrison, by Tayview Primary School

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My school, Tayview Primary School in Dundee, was selected to take part in the National Trust's Literacy Trust Miles of Magic: the Harry Potter Book relay. (Harry, pictured below)

Firstly, we joined a live session with illustrator Jonny Duddle, who taught us how to draw my favourite character, Hagrid.

A total of 25 schools then participated in the book relay and a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone travelled across the UK. Each school was allocated 13 pages to draw in our unique designs. We filled pages 28-41 and sent it on to England for the next school.

Next, we planned a school Harry Potter event, turning our assembly hall into Hogwarts Castle.

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Lastly, we had a virtual tour of the Harry Potter Studios in London. None of this could have been possible without Bloomsbury and the National Literacy Trust, so thank you very much!



12 June

Hundreds of farms will be open to the public, showing people behind the scenes and what farmers get up to every day.


12 June

A huge charity football match in aid of UNICEF, featuring famous faces including Sir Mo Farah, Usain Bolt and Liam Payne. The event will be broadcast live on ITV and STV.


A chip shop in Coventry has become a viral sensation om Tiktok, after featuring in a catchy music video about the best UK takeaways. Binley Mega Chippy is now being visited by people across the world!


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