Five ways to self-care at home for free

Keeping up with regular exercise, taking time out to read and trying to socialise as much as possible are just three ways Brits can practice self-care whilst in lock-down.

Experts from personal finance website have researched five of the best ways to spend time looking after yourself while in lockdown, without spending a penny.

A spokesperson for said: “All of these tips can be enjoyed on a budget and within the lockdown restrictions.

“It’s also okay to acknowledge when you’re having a bad day and - don’t beat yourself up over it.”

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    These are five free ways to enjoy some self-care:

    1 Exercise

    It’s really important to remember to do some form of exercise at the moment.

    It gives your brain something to focus on and also keeps your body moving.


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    The endorphins that your body releases once you’ve done it will also help you feel a lot better.

    Whether this being following a home workout or going for a run as part of your one form of exercise a day.

    2 Read

    It’s important to take yourself away from screens, whether this be computer, phone or TV screens.


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    A good way to do this is to immerse yourself into a book.

    This also has the added benefit of you being able to enter into the world of the book and take your mind off the current worries.

    3 Socialise

    As we all know we can’t see friends and family, unless we’re living with them, but this doesn’t mean we can’t socialise.


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    Set up group chats and make sure you take the time to ring and video call them.

    It’s important to have someone you can confide in about how you’re feeling and remember there’s a world outside your home.

    4 Sleep

    It is important to ensure you keep a good sleeping routine.


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    Sleeping as well as you can will help you stay in a routine and hopefully feel a lot better.

    During this difficult time, however, it’s slightly harder to fall asleep.

    Try doing yoga before bed, or even enjoying a bath and setting up a nightly routine.

    5 Get dressed


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    As tempting as it can be to lounge around in pyjamas all day, by getting up on a morning and getting dressed and even putting makeup on will have a huge impact on the way you feel.

    It’s true that the clothes you wear affects the mood you’re in, so by feeling well put together and professional, your attitude and work should also reflect this.