Good Job for Nintendo Switch review: a must-buy if you want to make killing time fun

For those who are unable to work, the current situation is no laughing matter. But new puzzle game, Good Job, will scratch the work itch for anyone missing it already.

I started playing Good Job last week and lost myself in this charming, clever and super original puzzler for a good few days.

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What's the game about?

You are a stick man starting out at the bottom of the career ladder of a big company in a nine storey office block, and rise through the ranks in your quest to become the new CEO of your dad’s firm.

You can play solo or co-op with a friend to climb the corporate ladder in order to take over the family business by tackling bizarre office problems - from delivering packages to mopping up goo, gathering staff for a conference, or fixing the projector and wifi connection.

As you travel up the office building floor by floor, you must solve unique problems facing each department.

One minute you will be driving the forklift to transport packages in Logistics, the next watering the plants in Recreation and, as you work your way up, you’ll find yourself hanging art on the Executive floor.

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The possibilities are endless

Each level in the building has four stages to complete (bar the top two floors) and each has their own puzzles to solve in whatever way you suits you best.

There is an added element of fun as you are rewarded for causing as much destruction as possible as you work your way up the ladder. After all you don’t have to worry about getting sacked - your old man’s the boss.

Good Job achieves three important things in this time of being housebound. It’s fun, it keeps you mentally sharp and it kills time.

This could potentially become a long-running series with plenty of scope for follow-up games. You could envisage all sorts in the future, outer space missions, being a zookeeper, the President’s assistant - the list of possibilities is literally endless.

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Good Job is one of the best, most original and satisfying puzzle games I have played in years. And it will only set you back £17.99 on the Nintendo store. I would be happy to paid £25 to £30 for it.

Quite simply a must-have to get you through lockdown for anyone with a Switch.

Out: NowRating: 9/10