How to create favourite restaurant dishes at home

While we cannot go out and get the restaurant experience right now, why not bring the restaurant to your kitchen with these recipes from Gousto’s online cookbook?

Gousto, which delivers recipe boxes to your door, is not taking on new customers at the moment.

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However, it has done the next best thing by revealing four of its favourite recipes from Gousto’s online cook book, including chicken ramen.

Gousto’s senior recipe developer Hannah Mariaux recreates the restaurant meals we are missing the most, along with her top tips for achieving restaurant perfection.

You can browse the full collection of inspiring recipe ideas to cook at home at the Gousto website.

It’s a virtual world tour of cuisines, from the adventurous to the familiar.

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You will find quick meals, family favourites and lighter dishes too.There are Asian and American recipes and vegan dishes alongside burgers, chillies and curries.

World tastes also include dishes from Vietnam, Spain, Turkey and Morocco.

Recipes can be viewed at site.

Warming Chicken & Ginger Ramen

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This classic Japanese inspired dish, Warming Chicken & Ginger Ramen needs no introduction! You’ll infuse broth with ginger and star anise, and serve with juicy chicken and noodles! Oishii (delicious)! 

Warming chicken and ginger ramenWarming chicken and ginger ramen
Warming chicken and ginger ramen

Hannah’s Recipe hack: To achieve that restaurant perfection, ramen noodles should be just cooked through for 4-5 minutes, al dente. Cook your noodles right at the last second, when everything else is ready to go. 

Mango and Lime Marinade  

Our spin on the UK’s favourite cheeky marinade is peri-satisfying if we do say so ourselves! You can whip up this zingy sauce to partner with your chicken, or drizzle over grilled salmon or even mix in with a little olive oil for a zesty salad dressing. This homemade marinade is sure to ease your cravings. 

Mango and lime marinadeMango and lime marinade
Mango and lime marinade
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Hannah’s Recipe hack: To get more juice out of a lemon, roll it against the counter before you cut it. This helps burst open the individual segments inside, making it easier to get the juice! 

Southern Fried Chicken with Homemade Gravy 

Fast food restaurants around the country are slowly beginning to open back up, but if you’re looking for a home-cooked alternative, what about rustling up this easy to make fast-food favourite at home? 

For the southern fried chicken, you’ll marinate chicken thighs with a selection of herbs and spices, and serve with homemade chips, gravy and slaw! 

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Hannah’s Recipe hack: To prevent a soggy bottom, place your fried chicken onto a wire rack and use a baking sheet to catch the excess dripping oil. 

Vegetarian Calzone

Use up any leftover veggies in our cheesy, crispy Italian calzone. You’ll create a three-cheese filling, a crispy golden-brown crust and a rich marinara dipping sauce. 

Swap out any of the veggie fillings to use up what you have leftover in the fridge, like spinach or green beans - just chop them up and throw it into the mix! 

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Hannah’s Recipe hack: Leave a half-inch space around your calzone filling, so you can easily seal the dough together into the classic half-moon shape.

Katsu Curry 

Whip up our super tasty Japanese inspired Katsu curry, the perfect Saturday night treat! You’ll serve a home-made umami-rich curry sauce, over breadcrumbed chicken, wholesome brown rice and a fresh side salad for a filling family dinner.

Hannah’s Recipe hack: Pat the chicken dry with paper towels before coating, a dry surface will help the flour, egg and breadcrumbs adhere evenly to the chicken.