Morrisons has started rationing certain items again - here are alternatives for getting your essentials

Morrisons has imposed a new ‘three per person’ limit on a number of items (Photo: Shutterstock)Morrisons has imposed a new ‘three per person’ limit on a number of items (Photo: Shutterstock)
Morrisons has imposed a new ‘three per person’ limit on a number of items (Photo: Shutterstock)

As coronavirus infection rates continue to rise in the UK, concerns about a possible second lockdown have been raised, prompting some shoppers to start panic buying groceries.

When lockdown was first imposed back in March, supermarket shelves across the country were left bare as people stocked up on various household staples, including tinned goods, dried pasta and toilet roll.

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In an effort to prevent shortages in stores once again, Morrisons has reintroduced restrictions on certain items.

Rationed items

Morrisons has become the first UK supermarket to reintroduce rationing limits in its stores as coronavirus cases continue to climb.

The supermarket has imposed a new ‘three per person’ limit on a small number of popular items, including toilet roll, cleaning products and other household staples.

Speaking to ITV News, a Morisons spokesperson said, “We are introducing a limit on a small number of key products, such as toilet roll and disinfectant.

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“Our stock levels of these products are good, but we want to ensure that they are available for everyone. There is no need to buy more than you usually would.

“I would like to reassure you that our stores remain fully stocked and ask that you continue to shop considerately.”

Morrisons added that it has remained open for customers throughout the pandemic and will continue to provide daily deliveries, up to multiple times per day, across all of its products.

Panic-buying ‘unnecessary’

Tesco CEO Dave Lewis stressed that panic-buying is ‘unnecessary’, stating that doing so “creates a tension in the supply chain” which can easily be avoided.

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Fellow supermarket, Aldi, has also urged customers to “shop considerately” and asked that people buy no more than they usually would.

While supermarkets have rushed to reassure customers that they remain fully stocked, sales of toilet roll have increased by 23 per cent in the past week, according to one supplier to major supermarkets.

Meanwhile, there have also been reports of shoppers purchasing additional tinned goods, pasta and pain relief tablets since the weekend.

Shopping alternatives

While supermarkets have assured that there is no need for shoppers to panic buy more than they need, there are some alternatives to purchase popular items than in-store.

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Online supermarket Ocado is an excellent alternative and offers all the same stock you would find at your local store, including essentials like toilet roll and pasta.

Amazon Fresh specialises in delivering fresh food to your door and has partnered with Whole Foods, Morrisons and various local shops and markets to supply fruit, vegetables, meat and baked goods.

Additionally, you can try BritishGram, which is another online supermarket stocked with all of the household essentials, including groceries, cleaning supplies, cereals and confectionery.

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