Popular baby stair gates are being recalled by Argos after safety fears

A number of stair gates have been recalled by Argos amid safety fears that they are unable to withstand the force of a child pushing or falling against them.

Some Cuggl Safety Gates have failed tests, with wooden slats breaking under the impact of a child kicking or pushing against them.

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Other issues discovered during the testing included the auto-close feature not working, and the gaps between metal bars being wider than allowed.

These issues could result in a child becoming trapped, or falling through the gate.

Seven different gates under the Cuggl brand are affected by the product recall.

A statement from Argos instructs anybody who has one of the gates included in the recall to stop using it immediately and take it back to the shop for a full refund. A receipt will not be needed.

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The easiest way to check if the stair gate you own is Cuggl brand is to look for the label on the top panel.

Which gates are affected?

These are the stair gates affected by the recall.

Cuggl Autoclose Metal Gate. CAT no: 7076879

Cuggl Metal and Wood Gate. CAT no: 7025112

Cuggl Wooden Extending Gate. CAT no: 7065426

Cuggl 7cm Pressure Fot Extension Kit. CAT no: 7063838

Cuggl Pressure Fit Safety Gate. CAT no: 7036613

Cuggl Extra Wide Hallway Gate. CAT no: 7060225

Cuggl Extra Wide Adjustable Gate. cat NO: 6879613

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