Test finds that Hobnob-style biscuits the best to dunk in your tea

The results of the experiment are likley to be unsurprising to many

A tea dunking test has revealed the best biscuit to dunk in tea is the humble hobnob. The test was conducted by scientists in Cardiff.

The objective of the experiment was, according to the British Medical Journal, to identify the time required to achieve optimal palatability of a cup of tea without risk of harm (oral scalding). This was to be achieved only by using the resources available in a standard hospital staff room, and to identify the best accompanying biscuit for nutritional content, crunchiness, and integrity when dunking.

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Scientists tested the Hobnob-style, digestive, shortie and rich tea biscuits to test how long they could last after a dunk. Each biscuit was dunked in tea for two seconds.

The next stage was to time how long each biscuit lasted before sogginess got the better of it. The oat biscuit was a clear champion, lasting an impressive 29 seconds before capitulating.

In second place was the shortie which maintained its form for 17.5 seconds before showing the first signs of crumbling. The digestive took home the bronze medal, holding on for around 8.5 seconds.

In last place, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the feeble rich tea biscuit. It’s frail texture succumbed to the tea after a mere two seconds.

The trusty hobnobThe trusty hobnob
The trusty hobnob
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The oat biscuit didn’t take all the plaudits, however. The scientists found that the digestive retained the most of its crunchiness than the other biscuits.

To read the full investigation on which biscuit performs best when dunked in tea, you can visit the British Medical Journals website.

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